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1. Cl atom initiated tropospheric chemistry of ethyl butyrate..

R. C. Balan & B. Rajakumar Chem. Phys, 2019, 731, 136594

Temperature dependent rate coefficients for the reaction of ethyl butyrate with Cl atom were measured using relative rate (RR) technique. Gas chromatography with Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID) was used to follow the concentrations of the reactants during experiments. The rate coefficients were computed using CVT/SCT/ISPE method. The product analysis for the title reaction was carried out using GC-MS and GC-IR as analytical tools. Based on the obtained products, the probable degradation reaction mechanism for the reaction of ethyl butyrate with Cl atom in the troposphere was proposed. Thermochemistry, branching ratios, atmospheric implications and cumulative lifetimes were also calculated.